Packaging Design

Get your product noticed with great shelf standout and brand recognition.

Packaging design is one of the most creative, most specialised areas of design for a number of reasons. Packaging design has to grab the attention of the consumer in a matter of seconds, standing out on a shelf amongst many other products of a similar nature. Not only does packaging design have to sell the product that it is housing, it also has to protect it. This means that it has to adhere to very strict printing and packaging guidelines. Printing on cartons is very different to printing on paper and it must also facilitate the use of the product. Packaging design is therefore a very precise process, an art as well as a science. At Space-dog we thrive on the challenges that packaging design brings. We enjoy the thrill of being involved in the actual physical design of an item, giving it form and shape, protecting a product, as well as making it stand out from the crowd. We create beautiful and useful design that meticulously follows product and packaging guidelines as well as ensuring that the product advertises itself effortlessly. These days we are also very aware that any product that we have the pleasure of designing needs to have an impact on the market place, but does not want to have an impact on the environment. We are therefore keen to ensure that the materials we use for in our product designs are environmentally safe as well as financially viable. If you would like a chat about a product that you would like to sell, then please do contact Space-dog and we will be happy to look into the best possible packaging for your product.