Brand Identity

Brand identity

We've helped many clients with their Brand Identity from those who just want a logo to clients whose identity goes much deeper...

Brand Identity is a company’s visual way of identifying its corporate identity to others. It is the creative and visual part of a company’s image, which reflects everything a company does and believes, as well as what it produces. It can be seen in the logo, the stationary, any marketing or signage, as well as apparel and product packaging.

A corporate image must reflect the values and aims of the company as a whole. In order to do this, we rely heavily on imagery. Take for example Apple, Microsoft, or Google; instantly recognizable for not only their brands, but also their corporate personalities. We all know their products and we know where they stand in the world and how they seriously they take their social responsibilities. We feel that when we buy into these brands, we are connected and part of something bigger.

A Corporate Identity needs to not only resonate with you or the people you are selling to, it must also be at the heart of your business, and believed in by every person within. It must be felt. A corporate identity is so much more than a logo or a marketing leaflet. It is who you are.

At Space-dog, our Somerset based design team work extensively with you to understand what your corporate personality is and what identifies your company from the rest. We get to know you. We understand audience behaviour and are able to identify what your audience needs, ensuring that your brand identity engages with the people you need most. Only when we have achieved this, do we look at how we create something visual that will allow others to understand this too – your very own brand identity.