Website design

There can be no doubt that having a fast, well functioning and well designed website is one of the key components of a business marketing strategy. Businesses are not functioning to their full potential if they don't have a website and without a properly designed website, they're not reaching as many of their target audience as they could be. Of course, not just any website will do. In order for a business to be seen as credible, its website design must look and feel professional, it must cater for its market audience, be simple to navigate, reflect the values of the company and above all, it must be fast. People no longer have time to sit and wait for large pictures to download so speed is most definitely of the essence. For a website design to work, not only must it look great, not be too fussy or over complicated, it must also have great content.

As a web design agency Space-dog understand that designing a website is not just about making it look pretty. Our specialist web design studio and programmers based just outside Taunton in Somerset understand what makes a user-friendly, customer-focused website. We understand the web, and what your customers expect from a good website, and we ensure that your brand flows naturally through the pages clearly and without over complicating them.

Our studio have designed websites to meet the requirements of many different types of companies, each one original and each one created to match their needs, and to their specification.

Each website we design is tested before its release. We ask:  ‘is it easy to navigate’, ‘is there too much information?’, ‘will it work in all browsers?’ and ‘are all the contact details highly and easily visible?’, in order to ensure that it is fully functional in terms of usability and functionality.

At Space-dog we design websites to give your customers the best possible experience when they visit your site. By making it easy for your customers we make it easy for you to bring your customers back, time and time again. We ensure that the websites are clean, attractive, simple to use, easy to navigate and custom made.

Try it for yourself; just click the contact button above, fill in the easy form and make yourself a cuppa. We'll get back to you and discuss the ways we can help.