Press advertising

Maximise your spend to local and national customers with targetted design and copy

Design for Newspaper and magazine ads is especially important given the cost of the media. With a spend that can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds each time the ad appears it's important that it works as hard for you as possible every time. At Space-dog we understand how to make your press advertising campaign stand out and where to place the ad in a newspaper or magazine for maximum effect. We get the best out of your campaign budget with targetted copy and design.

We can take care of all aspects of press advertising from concept through design to communicating with the publication's advertising sales department and are here to guide and inform you in the best way to get the most (in terms of publicity and financially) of the advertising space you buy. Our designs that are produced print ready for newspapers and magazines, one-offs or long running campaigns. Please contact us before (if possible) you buy your advertising space, so that we can work together to ensure that you are getting the best space available , and the most for publicity your money.