Presentation folders

A great way to control multiple sheets and reinforce your branding.

Presentation folders or marketing folders are a great way to promote and advertise your company. Presentation folders are usually folded to A4 and can hold a number of different leaflets and flyers that can help inform your clients or future clients, what your company has to offer. Presentation folders are a great way of multiple communications such as prospectuses,  brochures and leaflets illustrating your different products. If you are a company with many things to promote, then a well-designed, corporate presentation folder is a wonderful way of getting your message out there. Be sure that your folder meshes neatly with your corporate identity, and that no corners are cut in order to achieve it that might reflect badly on your company and your company values. Remember, when having your presentation folder designed less is usually more and keeping it simply and succint, sells more. At Space Dog we strive to get to know you and your products really well, before the design process commences, so that we can pick out the most important areas of your business to concentrate on. We design with your public image in mind and ensure that how you want your company to be publicised is reflected in our designs.